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"Moon Rites"story.

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Welcome to the next cycle of the Moon Rites journey!

Why am I reincarnating MOON RITES after twenty years?


Because so many of you are still thirsting after the lunar wisdom that  we once knew.


Researching MOON RITES led me to rediscover my personal power. It led me to the Moon Goddess, to my connection with those who have heard her whisper and followed her call for thousands of years.

If you want that connection and personal power, I want it for you too.

That's why I'm working hard, to bring you:

More inclusive ways for everyone who identifies with Moon Goddess energy to explore the cyclic life with power and beauty.

More about tuning in to your own body and your totally  unique and precious menstrual cycle.

More about using lunar changes as a marker to explore your totally unique and precious personal cycle if you don't menstruate.

More about how our cycles flow through everything we are, through our emotions, our creativity, our thinking, our physicality and our souls.

I'm refining, reviewing and reweaving the stories, ritual and information in the original Moon Rites to give you even more relevant, potent and USEFUL tools for living in today's world.


I'm creating journals to go with the New Moon Rites Book so that you can tap into your own deep, inner wisdom and personal power. 

But I don't want to wait to start sharing this wisdom with you.


I've waited twenty years, that's long enough! 


So this is where I'll be talking about the journey and what I find along the way as I go.


You're welcome to walk with me along this path.

Let's explore it together.

Would you like a copy of the original MOON RITES? You can purchase it here while stocks last for $19.95 AUD.

Check out the MOON RITES social pages for latest updates.

A Blog, subscription to MOON RITES news and much more is on the way!

 I invite you to return here whenever you feel the call of the Moon Goddess. Lunar blessings shine on you!

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Brightest Blessings,

Michelle xx

Crescent Moon
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