Lunar Eclipse
Cover Image art Debbie Gimbert

 The Moon Rites Story... from Me to You

 MOON RITES was originally written as a love letter to my daughters who were then aged 10 and 8.

I wrote it to let them know what I had discovered; that everything I had been taught about my Self and my body was a mirage.

It was a construct, created by people who had no memory or knowledge of the magic and power of a cyclic life experience.

 Through the writing and research, I rediscovered the potency of learning my body's language and embracing it's cycles rather than resisting them.

I reclaimed my birthright of Herstory and the lore and ritual of the Divine Feminine.

I listened to the whisper of the Moon Goddess.

I followed her call.

I wrote a book about a way of learning who you truly are, loving your body and nourishing your soul.

In the end, I wrote it for every daughter, mother, wise woman and crone, and every person who desires to explore the cyclic nature of life.


I wrote it for you!

Now, twenty years later, I'm re-writing the book, and MORE!


 Moon Rites has had two incarnations so far, standing the test of time and has never been out of print, ( hard copies of the original book are still available from MOONDIARY PRODUCTS while stock lasts).


But it seems there are still many of you thirsting for this wisdom.

I want to pour my extra twenty years of learning and experience into Moon Rites to make it  richer and deeper.

In the next cycle of  the Moon Rites journey, there will be more.

Like the Moon Rites Journals, coming mid 2021 with :

More inclusive ways for everyone who identifies with Moon Goddess energy to explore the cyclic life with power and beauty.

More about tuning in to your own body and your totally  unique and precious menstrual cycle.

More about using lunar changes as a marker to explore your totally unique and precious personal cycle if you don't menstruate.

More about the way our cycles flow through everything we are, through our emotions, our creativity, our thinking, our physicality and our souls.

I'm refining, reviewing and reweaving the stories, ritual and information in the original Moon Rites to give you even more relevant, potent and USEFUL tools for living in today's world.

But I don't want to wait until it's finished to start sharing with you. I've waited twenty years, that's long enough! 

So here is the place that I'll be talking about the journey and what I find along the way as I go.


You're welcome to walk with me along this path.

Let's explore it together.

Brightest Blessings,

Michelle xx